What started as timely advice to a few close friends has blossomed into a thriving security business by the coast

Steve Braid, founder and managing director of Bass Coast Security spent most of his time in Bass Coast, making frequent visits to the area since he was a young boy and is quite familiar with area.

Steve volunteered to keep an eye on his friends’ properties where possible, and this neighbourly gesture soon grew into something more. As the requests for advice grew, Steve made the decision to move from being a Melbourne-based security consultant to cover BassCoast and adjoining areas.

Steve has worked in the private security industry since finishing his service with the Royal Australian Navy and established Bass Coast Security to provide high-quality security and equipment for the region.offering the latest security innovations that improvements in modern technology allow.

His loyal clients include owners of commercial buildings, businesses, private houses and holiday homes.

Bass Coast Security partners with SecureCORP, which operates the most technically advanced control room in the southern hemisphere

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