Gain full or partial access control for your business premises with the touch of a button

Access control for your business not only adds great security to the premises, but also adds valued convenience to your staff and customers with a worry free ease of use system ranging from key fob entry, swipe cards, pin codes or buzzers.

An access control system for your business can range from a basic installation to a complex system depending on your requirements and the size of your premises. From a single gate access control unit to a fully monitored multi-entry access control system that not only gives you and your staff safe entry, but also activates the air-con, video surveillance and building lights.

We will assess your business premises and install an access control system tailored to suit your business requirements. The access control system can also be integrated into a total security alarm solution that notifies the police, fire brigade and yourself of any suspicious activity so you are not only fully protected, but have quick help with authorities.

Depending on the type of access control system installed, you can easily manage it from any computer with a basic internet connection where-ever you are and effectively track and manage staff and customer traffic to the premises. Visit our showroom today to see our various access control systems and chat with our technicians o get a free quote.


An access control system gives you the ultimate in convenience and security for you, your staff and your customers.

  • Access control systems with key fob entry, swipe cards, pin codes and buzzers.
  • Access control systems starting from a single door entry to a fully monitored multi user system, perfect for a 24 hour gym or sporting club
  • We assess your business surroundings and determine which access control system will best suit your requirements
  • Our professional and licensed technicians install the access control system
  • Log in and manage your access control system from any computer with a basic internet connection
  • Remotely manage visitor traffic
  • Set individual levels of access
  • We supply competitive quotes for your requirements
  • We are here for you well after the installation with excellent support

We can also assist with home access control systems. Give us a call today
to discuss your requirements and organise a free quote.

Access Control Systems
Access Control Systems for Business
Access Control Systems for Business