The ultimate in business security is our 24/7 monitored alarm service, which gives you the freedom to relax while we watch over your premises

Installing a business security system with our 24/7 monitoring service is a smart investment to protect your business and gives you a constant watchful eye over the premises with action taken quickly to any unauthorised access. Both yourself and Bass Coast Security are notified as soon as your alarm is triggered giving you quick responsive protection 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Business security systems with 24/7 monitoring provides accurate details as to what time of day and where the unwanted activity occurred, so you are equipped with details to not only provide to the police, but also to your insurance provider.

Business security systems with 24/7 monitoring is favourably recognised with most insurance companies, who will generally provide a lower price on premiums for businesses with monitored security, check with your insurance company to confirm that they provide this discount.

Our professional business security advisors assess the premises and identify weak or unsecure points of the area and install a business security system with strategically placed cameras and movement sensors’ around the premises giving your business the best possible protection.

We also sell a wide range of “do it yourself” security cameras and alarm systems. Visit our showroom and chat with our experienced technicians about our business security systems and work out the best solution for you.


Business security systems with 24/7 monitoring gives you the ultimate in business protection

  • Quick response and action taken straight away
  • A total business security systems reduces theft, deters criminals and unwanted visitors
  • You have proof with video footage of any events which may occur
  • Wired or wireless IP business security systems or traditional CCTV systems can be installed
  • A business security system not only gives you peace of mind, but is also great for monitoring staff and customer activity
  • Complete intruder detection, movement detection and fire and smoke detection
  • We supply competitive quotes for your requirements
  • We are here for you well after the installation with excellent after care support

We can also assist with home 24/7 monitored security systems.
Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and organise a free quote.


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Business Security Systems with Monitored Alarm 24/7
Business Security Systems with Monitored Alarm 24/7